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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 21, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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cigarettes. it that is why we learn when you're learning college. i don't know why you need to for who -- the politicians tells you to get ahead you have to get a college. >> we need to get you the college and get you ready for college. >> graduates from 4-year colleges are nearly twice as much as high-school graduates. an estimated $1 million more over a lifetime. a billion dollars. based on comparing salaries that leaves of the fact that you're different from people who don't go to college. you will go to college and tend to be more motivated.
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study in high school, more likely to show up on time. so you are in more money coming even if you never went to college. you i that population group. the politicians and colleges set the million dollar difference is disgusting, weak consumer reporters used to call a scam. think about that before you go into debt. end these days the students are more likely to go into debt because of the past 25 years, inflation was about 100 percent college tuition killing of 400%. tuition goes up because politicians and out so much student loan money and think everyone must go to college. if you are learning a lot in college and you want to pay, good for you. no the facts. a third of college graduates now working jobs a require only a high-school degree. 60 percent of bartender's now have college degrees.
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everyone should go to college? give me a break. that's our show. thank you for joining us, and thinks for the growing students for liberty movement for helping with what really counts, liberty. [applause] ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president obama finally today making his case for peace in the middle east while making his strongest defense ofof that jury state. the president making it clear today that if it -- the defense of his route comes first. >> make no mistake that those who are here to the ad -- adhered to the ideology of rejecting israel's right to exist that might as well reject the earth beneath them are the sky above because israel is not going anywhere. @%pplause] lou: president obama speaking to
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students in jerusalem today shortly after a trip to the west bank with joint press conference or a joint press conference with palestinian president where he urged t palestine national authority come back to the bargaining table. president obama insisted both sides is our peas and both sides will need to make concessions for any sort of lasting peace to exist in suggesting the framework of t deal is already before them. >> if we can get direct negotiations started again i believe that the shape of a potential deal is there. lou: president obama recognizing the obstacles in the way of any 2-state solution, asking both nations not to fall back on all political pitions and demands and to face the reality that some tough compromises have to be mad by both parties. >> i think it is difficult,
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frankly, because sometimes even though we know what compromises have tbe made in order to achieve these, is hard to admit that those compromises need to be made. as a politician like it's a desire for political leaders to get too far ahead of your constituencies. lou: meanwhile, the 89 year-old president of israel today may a shocking in mission about what president obama means when he says all options are on the table in dealing with this country. the president, accding to press is prepared to strike. also tonight, the whiteouse assault on the second amendment continues, even as democratic support is slipping away. congress today voting to avoid a government shut down. congressman marlon strops men of inana joins us here to talk about the budget and the second
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amendment. the chinese nationals suspected of espionage and nasa has his day in court. the latest is that trial enters its 305th day. attorney state jenkins joins us. joining us now to discuss what geopolitical approach the united states should be pursuing and what we should be paying atntion to, obama's claman a piece is the only path to true security. of course, objective of against iran syria benjamin netanyahu and the ceo of ge be international. a fox use digital politics editor. gentlemen,hank you for being with us. if i may, i want to start with you. benjamin nanyahu could not have been too pleased with whoever else happened. president obama was speaking rather aggressively to the
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oplef israel over the head of benjamin netanyahu. >> well, a lot of these visits are public diplomacy. i will say that based upon what the president haaaid over the past few days there is a hopeful be in this cynical me. i hope that the president has been seen as of late both the nsa intelligence rorts as follows until it -- israeli intelligence reports and has come to the conclusion that they are a serious threat. if you read between the lines the sounds as if he is given the green light to attack whenever they deem necessary. that is the hopeful. the cynical, says something else based upon the past four years of the attitude that the president has taken toward israel and mr. netanyahu in particular, he is killing mr. netanyahu with kindness, winning the hearts and minds of the israelis, the israeli people and will make a push very hard for peace thatrobably won't be a very good deal for the israelis. it is troubling because i just
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don't know what caused the change of heart. the cynical me is probably the more -- the feeling that is stronger in this will in the pad for israel. lo do you agree? >> well, i am in washington. i only need the cynical. the other is largely in this use for the president. in no way, cynically speaking, this was the last campaign stop of the 2012 campaign in a lot of ys. this was a make-good, a promise to jewish-american voters who had some deep, deep reservations based upon what we -- what you guys were just talking about about the president's commitment to the state ofsrael and is very bad relationship with prime minister nothing of. the chairwoman of the dnc was on this trip. it was no accident. as it relates to the iranian
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issue, it is funny if we look at the ticktock can see back in time, the president started out when he was running for office saying we will have direct engagement in diplomacy. now the president has gone falls -- full circle and made it back to taking the same position as george w. bush. funny thi. lou: the progress toward a more constrained iran has ended in this issue in turninghe other direction. ayollah saying today that they will annihilate the jewish cities. if it comes under attack. >> a country security it can be measured in miles and minutes. while they have a wonderful
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defense and missile defense system, they have quite a few major missiles. not the ones from southern lebanon, but big warheads, conventional warheads. and only i you need to get through to land to cause tremendous casualties. when people p privately or publicly come and say why aren't they acting. the leader of the country of israel has stepped talk about the repercussions, and that includes large civilian casualties. one should only strike as a measure of last resort and not because other extnal-internal forces are asking him to. lou: and the more bellicose iran becomes, the algorithm for a pre-emptive strike, the nuclear plants ourself evidence.
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the algorithms are pre-emptive strikes as they become more bellicose and threatening. what is him if you will, the sum of little? we will there be coming in your judgment in a pre-emptive strike by iael and, perhaps, a united states. >> well, it's nothing new in world history, especially recent world history. i like to give the example of the movie, the bridge on the river of pride. you don't blow up the bridge because it is easy to rebuild. but you blow up the bridge when that last point is being laid right before the train is heading over. it requires an enormous amount of good intelligence. but israel and america are waiting for is really to see if there are other forces, t regime change our policy that can take effect and watching. when that last plank is laid i think you will see a strike if nothing else changes. lou: in the want to turn quickly
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. russian strategic nuclear bomb carrying out of fort of high-profile training flights, almost incurrent with the purposes of the united states flying its b52 is over north korea. what do you make of what is transpiring? >> well, is going to get dicey.3 if i can say that it makes a great point about why they won a nuclear warhead to a nuclear power because they crackpot government manages to stay in power and give aid in visits jjust by virtue of having in newark. irrational impulse for an irrational state. lou:hank you both. appreciate it very much. >> you bet. lou: much more on the president's middle east tour throughout thisroadcast. stay with us. we're coming rig back. obamacare turns. the shocking numbers ahead.
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vice-president biden is not giving up on his assault on the second amendment. one congressman tells us why he is chasing a lost cause. is chasing a lost cause. ♪ gotcha ! got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forc ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya. that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon.
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♪ lou: when president obama returns from the middle east, waiting for him will be a continuing resolution to sign. we will be talking up the appearance of bipartisanship in congress as well as why the white house seems determined sister bus of our second amendment rights. first, housing sales and prices on the rise. investors remain nervous about
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europeeand its problems,amely cypress. the dow jones industrials dropping on the anxiety. s&p down 13, nasdaq lost 302. the uncertainties in europe helped rally gold up $6.30 per ounce. crude oil added more, just over dollar-selling in 9245. the bond market, treasuries 10-year rose up with a yield of 195%. an rights activists filing a lawsuit in an effor to stop the new gun-control law. considered the toughest in the country. their lawsuit filed by the national rifle association affiliate in n york argues a law violates the second amendment in this respect new yorkers because it was passed without committee hearings or public hearing. meanwhile, the independence institute has filed lawsuits challenging colorado's new
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anti-gun laws. those laws barely a one day old. the nra issued a statement supporting the carter lawsuit and is considering joining in a legal challenge. a house representatives said they avoided the governmt shut down by approving a $984 billion spending bill to fund the government through september. my next guest voted against the bill. joining us is congressman martin sussman of indiana, member of the house financial services committee, chairman of the second amendment initiative. good to have you with us. let's start with why you voted against the continuing resolution. >> great to be with you. you know, as the house and senate have been working through the continuing resolution, there seems to be a lot of work to avoid a government shut down, and that think that is worthwle in making sure that we find those places where we do agree. you know, it goes over to the senate after the house has
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passed its lt week. the senate just cannot help themselves from pausing of programs, you know, including a seven project. things like that the continue to be a habitual problem in the senate. to me, you kw, the american people are expecting us to budget responsibly and to spend taxpayer dollars wisely and we are seeing the consequences of this irresponsibility with $17 trillion of debt. lou: the house passed the bill on the less command of the president will assuredly sign it . your judgment now on that spending bill, you vote ainst it. it is going to go into law. it will fund the government for the remainder of the year. now we need a budget for next year and hopefully one that is looking brightly and intelligently down the path of the future. what are the prospects, the red line for your support for a new
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budget bill for the new fiscal year? >> ifou remember, we passed no budget no pay, something that i strongly supported. the senate passed. basically very simply it says if congress does not pass a budget members of congress did not get there paychecks which seems to have forced the budget into passing a budget. we worked on hours over the past month. we passed it today. and with republican support. now the senate has the challenge of passing a budget that raises spending, it increases taxeso the tune of about a trillion dollars. with the republican budget, looking down the road and tried to give back to that balanced budget. lou: $5 trillion.
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the ryan budget would cut 5 trillion from the level of increased spending. government would grow. more than 3 percent per year. you do support the ryan budget. >> i do. and it is really about making sure that we protect medicare for t long term, for those who are over the age of 55, protecting social security. but we also have to take a step ba and realize that these programs are not going to be able to operate the same years down the road. so free and the generations like myself, if we want those programs to be solvent we're going to have to make some adjustments which is what the budget does. it is just simply using common sense and looking at the map that we cannot continue down the current path that we're on. lou: commonense does not apply when we talk about the second amendment in this country in washington d.c. you have to be ratified that the
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assault weapons element will not be in their harry reid package will go before the senate. as a major victory. you have this sense that you will be able to forestall any infringement on the second amendment by this admistration on the democratic party? >> i don't tnk the president barack obama will give up. he talked about that when he visited with us. house republicans last week at the capitol when it came down. in that think that senator reid and senator feinstein are finally realizing and just facing reality that the assault weapons ban that was passed in the 90's did not work. there were still a high percentage of gun crimes. i completely understand why we're having this dialogue because we are all grieving over the shooting in sandy hook, conn. of course, the other shootings around the country. lou: we are not treating as much
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profoundly as i would have expected haul. we have not heard any discussio about mental health legislation that would go to the issue of gun possession and ownership. we're not grievg nearly as much as i would have expected has seriously and replete breathing are we. >> that is what we're trying to do ny went to the republican study commission serine -- chair and said we need to have a gun initiative, a second amendment initiative. we talked about the other side of the gun issue. the president, vice president, senate, they're only talking about the control what i want to look at the people behind the guns andhite we see these
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people. they have a certain profile. they have problems that they need help with. lou: i wish we had more time. we are out of time. we thank you for being here and wish you good luck. you're talalking with the other side of the issue. to be there is the second amendment that needs to be preserved. and we applaud your efforts and that of others to make sure that the second amendment is upheld and not infringe upon. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you. lou: good to have you here. up next in the third anniversary of obamacare is here. why isn't a particularly happy anniversary for a lot of americans. certainly not the anniversary we are told we would have by our commander-in-chief. that is in the "chalk talk" tonight. the man at the center of the chinese exeunt -- espionage plot appears in court today and says he is not guilty. we take the case.
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lou: this saturday it geets pretty exciting. it marks the third anniversary of obamacare being signed into law. how about that? well, unfortunately, t is not a happy anniversary for most americans. a new fox news poll shows that 55% -- 55% wold like it to be repealed. i mean, that is extraordinary, i think. when voting on something repealed that has been around for three years, 20% of those surveyed want to expand our and another for someone to eave it as it is. many voted in an unbelievable 33 times to repeal a ban appeal
10:28 pm
obamacare. on election night they lost that. in 2010, get ready for this. the obama administration has been so straightfoard and honest. nancy pelosi, harry reid, they have been honest people of public service. the cost of obamacare is now, that was just the early estimate. it had moved up to $1.1 billion. did i say billion?
10:29 pm
trillion dollars. $1.2 trillion. >> look at this, quite interesting adjustments. $1.1 trillion. than $1.2 trillion. well, the current estimate is $1.3 billion. the pattern will continue. twenty-one new taxes. twenty-one new taxes that will amount to $675 billion. this is getting expensive. among the most controversial,
10:30 pm
2.6% tax. another $43,000. house republicans voted last summer to repeal this that they had installed it in th senate. senator orrihatch renew the effort today. he introduced a bipartisan amendment with nine democratic cosponsors to roll back that medical vice attacks. so what about presidentspromised to cut health care insurance premiums? $2500 per family. one study commission that obamacare will increase the cost of a family plan by $7200. do any of you remember the original statement by the president and his team? this is a plus.
10:31 pm
but it would cut it by $2500. in government terms, it is a $10,000 swin. so how do the officials feel about those rising premiums? well, here you are. >> why have the rates risen,and will be they rise furer? >> i think that what we are seeing is pretty good news. i used to watch this day in and day out. we have seen far feral or increases in the last few years than in the previous decade. >> i donot even believe she said that. do you? double-digit increases. they are not as big and yet
10:32 pm
obama, in his land, that is what passes for goodness. obamacare does not fully kick in until next year. it is going to get better. >> president obama threatening syria aand iran and pursuing peace in the holy land. the a-team will sort that out for us. and accusing homela security of hiding smething. and the jodi arias murder trial. th mowing your lawn isn't always easy. but maybthe problem isn't your lawn. introducing the all-wheel-drive mower from husqvarna. we engineered its unique drive system and dual transmission to handle hills& thick grass&
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lou: a former chinese contraor, and alleged spy of nasaindicted on charges of
10:36 pm
lying to federal agents. he appeared in a virginia court house allegedly failing to disclose that he was carrying a laptop and two hard drives. his attorney said his client will plead not guilty after today's proceedings continue until next week. he will then ask r a jury trial. meanwhile, nasa had locked its ffcilities to foreign nationals. ordering a review of the facilities. imagine that. well, jurors got heir turn to grill a key defendant i the case of jodi arias. doctor richard samuels says that jodi arias suffers postherpetic stress disorder and she may not remember stabbing her boyfriend. he said he was speaking in
10:37 pm
probable terms. we have two legalexperts with us tonight. let's find out what probable terms mean. let's start with jodi arias. they are back at it again in the jury. >> they are asking some great questis. now many states allow them to ask questions, but arizona is one of them. they are now turning on us. i almost feel sad for him. they are grilling him. and he is getting defensive. it is one thing when you're being grilled by a prosecutor. basically, he has been doing this for 30 years. if anyone knows how to have a handle on this, it should be him. >>ere is the issue. this prosecutor has done a good job raising a lot of important questions. i don't deny that there re questions about this guy's
10:38 pm
evaluation or the credibility of jodi arias. but he has not eliminated this defense is a possibility. as long as it remains as a possibility, there will be reasonable doubt. the jury doesn't know it, but there is a good chance they could come bak with a lesser offense of manslaughter as a result. >> i totally disagree. a big misstep, he is basing it on faulty information. >> the bottom line is this. there is no proof of tha there is no evidence to contradict he. or guy saying i didn't do this. why is the dna there or an eyewitness. that is the bottom line. there is no one else to say why. >> the bottom line is this,
10:39 pm
there may be valid questions. i don't disagree with that. but this jury is going to have to say that they would bet their life that thiss not a possibility. if they don't, they have no business leading her life, and that is the bottom line. lou: we have a complete disagreement. i have to ask you both, shouldn't that be a mercy rule? he is so discredited, that there should be any mercy rule. >> let's turn to nassau where they are not having much fun because of this program under the obama adnistration to bring in foreign nationals, particularly chinese nationals and pay them under this program to effectively spy. they have been in blocked out.
10:40 pm
we are told this is a bizarre case. he is now accused of lying to federal agents, not sabotage her spine,. >> he has been investigated under the arms control export act. right now, the only charge that they have because this investigation, there are 281 foreign nationals that have access to facilities. right now there is a moratorium on that. this isn't the first time. he has sensitive matrial. >> real question is who is this guy? is he an intelligence officer from another country?
10:41 pm
who did he speak with? the duty of access to? do a million things that need to be investigated. says that they know very little about this guy. >> well, maybe he is just a compulsive, you know, fan of laptops. particularly data storage devices that contain sensitive information. lou: i am starting to think that you are a defense attorney. just joking. brian, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. lou: you can join the discusson by going to you can e-mail me and tweak us at lou dobbs news. up next, authorities considering taking bank deposits and citizens. wall street tells us why inveors should be concerned. it was a down day on wall street. we thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past.
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lou: the european union in cyprus today, giving the country until monday to reach a deal to secure bail out. joining us now is the founder of hs investment management. the title of the book suggests that you are not able here. >> you know, i was bullish for 20 years. we track the baby boom generation. they call it the greatest boom in history. now, they have peaked as a generation. and we have a 12 to 14 year downturn. just like we saw in the late 60s and 70s. and in the '30s and 40s when the generation before them occurred. it happens every four years. the fed is fighting it. they don't want the economy to slow down. it is a huge burden on consumers
10:46 pm
and businesses. we have the battle. lou: part of the fundamentals is a little place called cyprus related to another little place called greece, related to somethg much bigger. the eurozone -- these people have made a horrible misjudgment. the european central bank and the international monetary fund. is it recoverable? >> well, they have their back against the wall. they don't have printing press like we do. e germans don't like the russians and all of this stuff. so you have to see that the federal reserve by pushing short and long-term rates, two to three percentage points, we have basically confiscated this in the last for five years. we just did in a less obvious
10:47 pm
way. >> a less obvious way. what is pretty obvious now is you have this with the bond market they are sitting her taking every element. predicting the end of the world. atome point, i am not ready for the end of the financial world as we know it. are you? >> we have had bubble bursts since the late '90s. i used to say that the baby boomers will drive the market. but now we have different momentum. but the fed is fighting when the markets go down and they come up with qe-2 and qe-3. but at some point, you do lose
10:48 pm
control. if europe blows up, spain is what i am watching over there, we know how it is to recover from that. something goesrong and they lose control. i'm looking forward to peak this summer. a little correction here ahead and then new highs. we have really strong resistance to the stock market. if you look at the bubbles, you get very strong resistance. we have eight or 10 charts showing a similar patterns. i think the markets have gone as high as you are going to go. but i don't think they are going to head down until later this year. in the fed will step in and try to stop at. lou: well, all right. we will chart your progress and come back soon. up next, the "a-team"
10:49 pm
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lou: joining us now is the a-team. fox news contributor michael goodwin and reagan political director ed rollins. and mary anne marsh. thank you all for being here. let me start with you, michael. this is a president over in israel. getting high marks. at least in the early going. >> it was eight brilliantly choreographed rip.
10:53 pm
you make references to his children and he speak to them. i thought it was an excellently crafted speech. you have to take risks. meanwhile, some palestinians are filing rockets into other parts of israel. he goes and speaks with one of the most interesting presidents of all times. this s a content of his speech. lou: this speech, a few lucky to survive this politically?
10:54 pm
>> i think president obama has handled this trip thus far. he has been a terrific job. but i think the republicans here in congress, he realizes he has less political power after the last election than he had previously. they would be wise to do a benjamin netanyahu said. everybody benefits. >> why would you think that? >> i don't think today was a good day when he went across the border. they found that the difficulty that they are going to have. i think the prime minister is in a very difficult situation.
10:55 pm
putting a coalition government together was not the best move to make. but they gave him a medal. great relationships. i think it is important. lou: w wil find out coming next. he is losing badly on that initiative. we take that up w my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. ner really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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lou: we are back with the a-team. the nra raised nearly 1.6 million in february. that's a pretty good amount of money. and the 1.1 million in january. the nra is in resurgence. it is powerful, it is having its way on capitol hill right now. what is your reaction?
10:59 pm
and frankly, less of an event as a result of strong lobbying by american citizens and new york governor andrew cuomo and this is not what happened. the nra gets a lot of the credit. but also almost all of the blame from deocrats. >> about 100 million americans. lou: with thee nra, they are on point. >> i think that they looked up the legislation, it became what they said it wouldn't be. in the end it is just about gun control. it is not about anything else. and i think it kind of sunk on its own weight for that reason. lou: how silly does the democratic party think that we are in this country? we know what